Monday, April 23, 2007

new news!

as i've stated before - i've been busy - and i finally get to show you all one of my little creations fresh from the studio!

Little Fungi Sachet.

i've been wrestling with the idea for Little Fungi for a while but i was having serious issues making it stable, it stands alone. but finally i had one of the brilliant moments and thought, i should cut a circle out of cardboard and see if that works and it did!!

i just love the idea of it being a stand alone sachet. not only does it freshen up the home it also is sculptural and interesting to look at. i had a create time photographing them. you'll see in the photo below that there is a fungi family that will eventually be released.

i always seem to make three of everything. i don't know why.

oh, i almost forgot! i've also created a new banner for the shop, let me know what you think. i wanted something more playful and springy!


Felicia said...

They look fantastic!

janaina said...

thank you! glad you liked them!

greeniezona said...

I really like these! But the links to your etsy shop all seem to be broken. :(