Monday, May 7, 2007

A Bug full of Love

just a quick post. i have so much to catch up on since my short little outing to sedona! i took some terrific photos and can't wait to show everyone!

i just listed this little cutie today. i finished it days ago but never got around to posting it. so, here it is!

i am also offering larger sizes - 2t-7.

Monday, April 30, 2007

puddle jumpers

i am really, really excited about this week. i am doing my first show on saturday with stacy of staceyrebecca the finger puppet goddess!!! i can't even tell you how pleased i am to share my first experience with her.

i just adore her shop and i can't wait for my niece to see her puppets!!

we are doing the arts jam in tempe on may 5th. anyone in the area please do come. its from 9-1 pm. it is their, the arts council for youth, first festival. it should be really fun.

i am busy, busy, busy preparing for the event, which is a great motivator to get booties and other things done that i have been putting off, an example, the puddle jumper booties. so, this week there will be a bunch of goodies posted and listed in my etsy shop!

i have 5 new styles of booties and sandals cut and waiting to be sewn! 3 new t-shirts drying and waiting to be photographed. lots of fun!

plus!!! jimmy's parents are in sedona for a week and we are going up there thursday and friday, so i have to have all my sewing, well expect for hand-sewn, things finished before then!! ack!

i am making pretty good progress though. and i am only bringing 2 pairs of each size in all the booties and sandals.

so, again, if you're in the tempe, scottsdale, phoenix area stop by! you can get all my goods at wholesale prices!! whoo-hoo!

wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

wholesale linesheets - life doesn't get any better than this

if you click on the photo it will be easier to see.

i've been thinking a lot about what kind of impression my potential wholesalers get when they receive my linesheet and how to make my linesheet into a fun, snappy, little catalog to hand out to local boutiques.

i like the layout that i have for the photos, the short description, etc. but what is holding me back from approaching super high-end boutiques is how my whole presentation will look and how it will be received.

do i print my catalogs myself, perhaps i send it over to kinkos. how many pages should i make, how tall, slim?

i am not sure what kind of discussion this will bring but i would like to open it up as one. for easier conversation i will post it in the etsy forums. i think we all would like to feel more confident on making our first impressions meaningful and lucrative.

little fungi - cogumelo

here is the second edition of the Little Fungi Sachets. this one is cogumelo, which means mushroom in portuguese. i forgot to mention in the last post that it was called champignon, which is french for mushroom. just so i can keep track when someone purchases them.

this one is made of some funky, tropical fabric i bought a while ago but never seemed to use. i can't decide which mushroom i like the best. there will be a green/blue one joining the family soon.

other than that, no real news. just finishing some totes and handbags i hope to have finished by the end of the week. it's been so long since i've made them that i forgot how long it actually takes! it is also not a wise idea to try to make 4 totes and 2 handbags at the same time, though it helps when you get frustrated, you just move onto the next one, work on it until you get frustrated and so on....

Monday, April 23, 2007

new news!

as i've stated before - i've been busy - and i finally get to show you all one of my little creations fresh from the studio!

Little Fungi Sachet.

i've been wrestling with the idea for Little Fungi for a while but i was having serious issues making it stable, it stands alone. but finally i had one of the brilliant moments and thought, i should cut a circle out of cardboard and see if that works and it did!!

i just love the idea of it being a stand alone sachet. not only does it freshen up the home it also is sculptural and interesting to look at. i had a create time photographing them. you'll see in the photo below that there is a fungi family that will eventually be released.

i always seem to make three of everything. i don't know why.

oh, i almost forgot! i've also created a new banner for the shop, let me know what you think. i wanted something more playful and springy!

Friday, April 20, 2007

olilo is now on mintd

i've opened my mintd shop, yesterday actually! i have a few pairs of booties and sandals listed, just to get some things up there. it will actually be a host for my baby tshirts & tanks. the line is a bit more urban than my etsy varieties. so, i thought i would list them there! :)

i should have the first few listed by early next week. i will keep everyone posted!

now, go check out my mintd and leave me a note telling me you stopped by! yay!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

another a way!

what a wonderful week! christie of simple me boutique ,who carries olilo products in her fabulous shop, contacted me today to let me know that her shop was featured on - a life more interesting - and they used the photo of my Hoppity Sha-bang set!

how great! i am so delighted! it has made my day and i am sure christie's too!