Monday, March 26, 2007

off on a safari

i've been busy the last few days, getting ready for tomorrow's big launch! i begin my spring/summer roll-out and i am pretty excited about it.i've mentioned it before but the line is called "firework blossoms & gossamer dreams" our first journey will be to the safari. there will be a total of 3 tshirts and 2 interchangable styles of sandals or booties in the safari adventure. it will be available for girls and boys.

i will be listing the "snail safari" t-shirt and the "safari bloom" sandals tomorrow. and every day forward, there will be new items added to the shop and of course to the blog!

please let me know what you all think, i love comments!

oh, and it's my mommy's birthday today! i love her...

Friday, March 23, 2007

wip - little elephant

The passed week has been pack full of the trousseaux to treasure launch and teaching myself how to screen print. screen printing hasn't been an easy go. but, today with some guidance from my fellow estians (etsyians) i believe i have a better understanding of it now. i am so, so excited. i have been wanting to learn for so long!

above, you'll see my first attempts at screen printing. i think my biggest problem was that i was attempting to do too much, too soon.

below, shows where i really should have been when i first began. i think i will stick to this until i feel more comfortable with screen printing. i will have the whole thing complete and posted here tomorrow! it is going to be really cute!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

life jackets are optional...

i am fascinated with books that have illustrations and photographs, most of the time they confirm the world i was imagining already inside my mind. one of my favorite books is abarat by clive barker, i know, i know. i wasn't a fan of his until the two abarat books were released.

they are filled with the most fantastical little characters and the adventures of candy quackenbush. i couldn't tell you how many times i've closed my eyes and wished i were there with her out on the sea, travelling to each of the 24 islands. how magical it would be.

i created this brooch for many reasons, mostly because of this book, but also because i can feel my blood starting to rush and crash like the waves against the shore of urge to explore is welling up inside me.

the air is warmer, the wind is sweeter, and life is budding all around. the sea of discovery is beckoning...

the brooch is made of two pieces of remnant leather (once a thrifted jacket) and a silver chain wrapped securely around the anchor carries two greenish-blue stones (the sea) and a crystal (the reflection on the sun).

this will be in the shop tomorrow!

Monday, March 19, 2007

disappearing acts...

i promise that i will be back blogging full force this week! i have been super busy with wholesale orders and working on my new spring/summer line.

it is entitled "firework blossoms & gossamer dreams" i am really excited about it. the launch is set for 27th of march, which is my year anniversary on etsy. i will be posting snippets of my work on the blog before then though!

i also wanted to announce that trousseaux to treasure has finally officially launched and will be filled with delicious eye candy every day of the week. hope you all enjoy it and if you're interested in participating please contact me!

more on the wip's tomorrow.

have a wonderful monday!