Wednesday, April 25, 2007

little fungi - cogumelo

here is the second edition of the Little Fungi Sachets. this one is cogumelo, which means mushroom in portuguese. i forgot to mention in the last post that it was called champignon, which is french for mushroom. just so i can keep track when someone purchases them.

this one is made of some funky, tropical fabric i bought a while ago but never seemed to use. i can't decide which mushroom i like the best. there will be a green/blue one joining the family soon.

other than that, no real news. just finishing some totes and handbags i hope to have finished by the end of the week. it's been so long since i've made them that i forgot how long it actually takes! it is also not a wise idea to try to make 4 totes and 2 handbags at the same time, though it helps when you get frustrated, you just move onto the next one, work on it until you get frustrated and so on....